The task

From October 2007 to December 2008, the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) embarks on its centennial anniversary. Not surprisingly, such a one-time occasion prompted the IIHF to organise a series of ice hockey events to gain public awareness. A long list of activities was planned. For their realization, THOMAS GURTNER was brought into play and contracted to oversee the centennial project management. This task included the creation of a suitable concept as well as the synchronisation and supervision of all operations from the behind the scenes.

The solution

Given such a large project, the first thing to do was to evaluate potential and feasibility of all ideas . In this process, THOMAS GURTNER developed a sound overview for each activity in terms of its public appeal. Due to further thorough evaluation, eight promising activities made it on the final list:
  • Design of official IIHF 100 Hundred Year Look
  • Construction and use of an ice rink at IIHF head quarters in combination with various events
  • Development and launch of a global ice hockey skills test
  • Conduction of PR activities such as press conference in Switzerland, Canada and France
  • Theme-related publications (IIHF Centennial Brochure, 100 Year Book and similar)
  • Relaunch of federation website
  • Introduction of an IIHF merchandise program including various branded products
  • Organisation of special activities such as exhibitions and events showcasing ice hockey
Based on this multi-faceted background, THOMAS GURTNER drew up a budget that guaranteed the implementation of the selected activities. Additionally, internal and external presentations of the various concepts were given and, on top of that, a sound schedule was developed which successfully balanced jubilee period and budget. Throught project implementation, THOMAS GURTNER briefed and supervised a team of designers for the visual realisation of print materials, logos and merchandise. When it came to installing the ice rink at the IIHF headquarters in Zurich, THOMAS GURTNER was once more able to rely on its extensive network of contacts. The temporary rink can be found in the IIHF gardens and is open for schools, companies, teams, neighbours and everybody willing to experience the sport, from November 2007 until March 2008.

The result

Shortly put, the limited time available for the implementation of the project and the required tight control of all parties involved was a demanding challenge. However, THOMAS GURTNER was able to realize all given tasks on schedule and on budget. Furthermore, media presence at all the events has been high, which led to widespread and well-received positive coverage. Once again, subtly pulling the strings from behind the scenes, THOMAS GURTNER succeeded in both event organisation and exploration of synergies. All foreseen activities concluded smoothly and were put into practice by way of example!