The task

The Swiss Federal Railways SBB put on special trains for fans to travel to the Super League matches. These trains must meet the security requirements and must always be accompanied by a large number of personnel; this involves heavy costs. The SBB wished to cut the security costs for these fan trains, while BSC Young Boys wanted to enable its fans to travel safely to the stadium. To that end a solution had to be found with the club and SBB.

The solution

As Head of Operations and Marketing/COO (appointment by BSC Young Boys and “Stade de Suisse”), Thomas Gurtner was responsible for the idea and negotiations between BSC Young Boys and the SBB. This solution involved a transfer of responsibilities. Main actions taken:
  • Analysis: thorough a review of the existing situation
  • Mediation: detailed discussion with all the participants (SBB, club, fans)
  • Responsibilities: the fans themselves were made responsible for security in the trains. They take on a role of self-supervision, strengthen their own position and guarantee security in the trains

The result

The outcome is a win-win situation: the fans are given responsibility and so strengthen their own position and credibility while the SBB is able to save costs. The system works well and the fans maintain security in the SBB fan trains.