The task

As of autumn 2007, the Cecilia Bartoli Music Foundation was to present a travelling exhibition in eight European countries. The subject: Legendary singer Maria Malibran and her 200th birthday in 2008. The idea: Use a large truck for an exhibition of rare objects, letters and music manuscripts from Ms Bartoli's private collection. Back in March 2007, the Cecilia Bartoli Music Foundation approached THOMAS GURTNER with the request for a tour organisation concept. After only short deliberation, the foundation subsequently commissioned THOMAS GURTNER with the entire project management. Deadline: 10 September, 2007. For THOMAS GURTNER, this meant instantaneous conception, implementation, synchronisation of all numerous organisational processes and, being the interface to all service providers, keeping a sharp eye on all developments. Main objective, of course, was to present 80 pieces of memorabilia from Miss Malibran's life in the unique redesigned truck and this as attractively as possible. The solution Less than five months remained to create a sound financial structure for this ambitious project. To realize this vision, other sponsors had to be secured in addition to the collaboration with the Cecilia Bartoli Music Foundation and MAN, the truck company. Ultimate deadline: September 10, 2007 – the public presentation of CD and Moving Museum. Within the event, THOMAS GURTNER split the project into five phases. Phase one, a feasibility study, concluded with the completion of a definite time schedule. Phase 2 included the first practical steps, in which THOMAS GURTNER assigned an external team with the 2D and 3D visuals both inside and outside the truck. During phase 3, over 20 exhibition venues had to be inspected. And eventually in phase 4, the stage leading up to the event, THOMAS GURTNER staff supervised the conversion of the truck and its interior, including design and set-up of communication facilities. In this process, more than 40 display cases were assembled inside of the truck while guaranteeing sufficient room for visitors. 500 square metres of silk jacquard fabric in total were used to cover the interior. On top of that, three screens and an online guestbook with video were installed in the unique museum on wheels to encourage and collect feedback. A five-person crew was put together to accompany the Museo Mobile on its 20,000 kilometre long journey though Europe. Finally, phase 5 involves supervision of the tour as a whole which, due to its success among its visitors and general public, has been extended to the end of March 2008. The result On 10 September, 2007, the truck was ready for departure. In just five months, THOMAS GURTNER had developed an entire concept for a museum on wheels also known as the Museo Mobile. Its success was based on THOMAS GURTNER’s tight network of service providers and the ability to form an effective team. Perfectly on schedule, the project was ready to be kicked-off. On site: television and press eagerly waiting for the launch of the tour. Briefly put, the implementation of the Museo Mobile project can be considered a huge success both in terms of truck design and conversion as well as in terms of supportive communication measures In Paris alone, 5’000 visitors attended the exhibition on wheels.