As THOMAS GURTNER implemented various projects for UEFA EURO 2008 and knew the whole environment, the agency was contracted to assist in the organisation and coordination of the project “Football for all”. This is one of the many charitable projects of UEFA EURO 2008, in which they, together with the organisation PLUSPORT, promote the integration of people with disabilities using sport. On the day of the quarter finals, one match was to be organised in Basel and one in Vienna for players with disabilities. THOMAS GURTNER was to assist in drawing up the concept and the implementation, and also in looking after the four teams in Vienna. As a EURO 08 specialist THOMAS GURTNER was also given the task of guaranteeing the link between the project and the EURO organisation.


THOMAS GURTNER drew up an activity and responsibility plan and handed it out to all participating sites. The agency got to know the responsible people and procedures on site. With the sensitivity necessary for dealing with the footballers, THOMAS GURTNER also worked as a motivator and coach between all participating individuals, coaches, organisers and UEFA sites. As a result, transportation to the hotels, the implementation in the stadium, the visiting programme and the training times and costs were able to be implemented quickly, without a problem and at a reasonable cost. Due to ideal coordination, THOMAS GURTNER was able to organise the smooth running of activities such as coordination with the television which was present on site, and also arrange for the teams to run through the stadium tunnel which is otherwise only permitted for professional footballers.


75 minutes before the start of the quarter finals, 2 x 7 minutes football matches took place at St. Jakob Park in Basel and in the Ernst-Happel Stadium in Vienna with international teams. These games, which were intended to sensitise the spectators in the stadium, successfully became a central theme of the European Championships. The other demonstration matches also proved popular. The participating teams were elated and felt well looked after. They were able to clearly prove that people with special abilities can also play sport at a high level. As a result it stuck in the memory of the spectators and fans and may have even given a start to a new movement in disabled sports. Thanks to the well planned organisation and its smooth execution all sides were very pleased with the result.