The task

For the UEFA EURO 2012 games, all the stadiums must comply with UEFA guidelines and requirements. The newly built Lviv Arena in Lemberg (Ukraine) had to be reorganised when the matches were played in order to meet all the UEFA criteria.

The solution

As Stadiums Operations Advisor, THOMAS GURTNER was the event mediator and coach and worked on site in the stadium in order to coach the responsible persons “at the sharp end”, analyse the situation on the spot and go on to make the necessary changes. The participants were able to benefit from the experience of THOMAS GURTNER as stadium manager and from good contacts and familiarity with UEFA. Main actions taken:
  • Organisation: Definition of the organisation chart with functions and responsibilities, together with procedures and processes to optimise the management staffing and guarantee smooth conduct of the event.
  • Fit for Managing: Coaching the responsible persons in stadium management.
  • UEFA-compatible: Coordination and cooperation with UEFA to make sure that all the UEFA requirements were met.

The result

The stadium was ready for the matches to be played. Logistics and personnel were carefully planned and all of the matches went ahead without any problems.