The task

From the 2012 season, UEFA will take over all aspects of operational implementation of the European club competitions (UEFA Champions League & UEFA Europa League). The UEFA organisational structure must be adapted for this purpose in order to make certain that more than 300 matches go ahead smoothly. For this task as a consultant in a team of three, THOMAS GURTNER had two and a half months to complete its work.

The solution

As Project and Concept Developer, THOMAS GURTNER designed ways of performing the task. Personnel organisation was a key factor. The UEFA staff had to be made fit for work in the field. Main actions taken:
  • Organisation: Development of the organisation chart with new functions and responsibilities to provide an optimum management structure for holding the matches
  • Personnel planning: Definition of various “staffing workload scenarios” to ensure the best possible planning of the deployment of staff resources
  • Analysis: Comprehensive risk analysis to design the organisational measures necessary to guarantee the conduct of the matches

The result

In January 2011, one and a half years before UEFA organises the Champions and Europa League matches, it has the necessary operational and personnel resources with properly designed functions, procedures and responsibilities.