The task

Since its acquisition by H.H. Sheikh Mansour, the Premier League Club Manchester City FC has experienced enormous and unusually rapid growth. It went on to win the Premier League in 2011/12. This required many more sports and marketing personnel and the launch of new products. The stadium organisation had to be adapted to the new requirements. For this contract, THOMAS GURTNER had just six months to act as an advisor to the match day organisation, from the initial concept through to implementation.

The solution

To successfully implement the project, THOMAS GURTNER chose an approach entitled “In search of operational excellence”. Main actions taken:
  • Analysis of existing procedures in the stadium and club
  • Design and implementation of a “match day” workshop taking in all the different departments
  • Design and implementation of the accreditation system for the whole year and launch of an internal info event management web platform
  • Interviews with all the different match day protagonists to develop wide-ranging organisational and meeting structures for the operations department

The result

Manchester City FC now has a stadium organisation fit for its new dimension. The responsible persons benefit from the necessary concepts and structures to guarantee flawless procedures and hold impeccable matches.