The task

Organisational planning for any event as big as the UEFA EURO 2008 must start early. Accordingly, the UEFA EURO 2008 management team assigned THOMAS GURTNER with a clear and paramount task: equip Switzerland's major railway stations (Bern, Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Olten etc.) with the various UEFA EURO 2008 logo flags and banners. But why the railway stations? Because, firstly, Swiss Rail (SBB) is one of EURO 2008's leading partners and, secondly, due to the fact that public transportation was a key factor for travel during the upcoming European Cup. A number of good reasons, to seek and confirm UEFA’s partnership with THOMAS GURTNER as soon as possible.

The solution

Due to a large network of service providers, THOMAS GURTNER was able to tackle the "problem" in three important stages, bearing in mind that the coordination between Swiss Rail (SBB) and UEFA required thorough and full-time supervision. The first stage entailed discussion with SBB. Part of the contract between the Swiss Rail and UEFA stipulated that SBB provided its "physical inventory" cost-free. This included that Swiss Rail representatives and staff had to be informed and convinced of the importance of the flag scheme and its ideal placement at top locations. Within the event, budget and locations were defined and visualised without difficulties. In phase 2, THOMAS GURTNER inspected all locations and compiled a catalogue that specified individual requirements for each and every venue — buildings on historical register to name just one example. Simultaneously, the quest for the right people in design and production and the briefing of this team and, eventually, the liaison with the two major stakeholders, was completed. In a third and final step, THOMAS GURTNER – operating behind the scenes as usual – acted as the centre of information for all parties involved in production. Once the layout, size, texture and design of all materials had been defined, THOMAS GURTNER took the process to its next level and hoisted the flags. And due to THOMAS GURTNER’s excellent ability to gather and get the right people involved at the right time, the project progressed smoothly and at pace!

The result

Since August 2007, UEFA EURO 2008 flags representing all participating countries of the European Football Cup held in Switzerland and Austria can be found at all major Swiss railway stations. In fact, when commuters, visitors and tourists arrive at the numerous stations, the EURO 2008 flags and banners are just about the first thing they see!