Within the scope of EURO 2008, THOMAS GURTNER was contracted with a challenging task: the 5,500 volunteers who worked in Switzerland during the EURO, were supposed to receive a suitable thank-you present after the event. The present had to be unique and distinctive and take into account the important work they performed. This is because it was the volunteers who presented the brand EURO 2008 to the public, looked after football fans and contributed to a smooth and successful football festival. THOMAS GURTNER had three months to carry out this task, from the idea to distribution. The present was to be produced from a single source – from the concept via the design to the production – and the CD guidelines also had to be adhered to.


From its large network of partners, THOMAS GURTNER selected a suitable designer and together with them developed an idea to best meet the requirements of a football thank-you present: each volunteer was to receive a medal with special packaging, which he/she can hang up or put around their neck – and by doing so still be reminded of this unique event even ten years later. In the concept stage THOMAS GURTNER made sure that environmentally-friendly materials were used and provided a simple and functional packaging, which at the same time could be used as a certificate frame. In addition, THOMAS GURTNER also coordinated the four specialists for the production of the medals, the packaging of the certificate and the assembly. The certificates were all given the EURO 2008 data set showing the name, function and address of the respective person. THOMAS GURTNER produced five different designs and combinations of medals, certificates and packaging.


The result was so popular that two further adaptations were ordered on top of the original volunteer presents, one for the staff (with their names on the medal) and one for all participants of the ceremony. In spite of this the budget was still not exceeded. Overall over 7,000 thank-you presents were sent to addresses worldwide, with the opportunity of confirming their delivery. The result is very pleasing and the feedback extremely positive. The success was also characterised by the fact that some people have already put up the medals for auction on eBay.